Corporate Profile:

Established in Delaware in 1992, Mitsui Bussan Logistics, Inc. (“MBLI”) provides Demand Chain Management (DCM) services to North American based convenience store operators and their upstream supplier and wholesale distribution partners. MBLI also provides fresh daily-to-store logistics services through its combined distribution center operations in Honolulu, Hawaii.

MBLI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MBK USA Holdings Inc., which itself is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Ltd., a diversified global trading, investment, and service enterprise headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. With more than 48,000 employees and a market capitalization of $26.2 billion, Mitsui & Co. Ltd. ranks 545th on Forbes 2017 “Global 2000” list.

MBLI is committed to sustainable, long-term co-prosperity for itself and its customers while simultaneously demonstrating responsible corporate citizenship. Reflecting Mitsui & Co. Ltd’s, core values, MBLI’s operations are guided by the Company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, which emphasizes environmental and social accountability, and respect for stakeholders and the community.

MBLI’s Mission:

“We will enhance the satisfaction of the retail consumer and contribute to the common good of society.”

MBLI’s Vision:

“We aim to become the core U.S. company among Mitsui & Co. Ltd.’s U.S. based operations, and to be recognized as the leader in the Americas’ retail markets by providing value-added services throughout the demand chain through the utilization of world-class DCM practices.”

MBLI’s Values:

  • “We will always strive to establish a sense of trust and honesty with our stakeholders.”
  • “Through mutual respect, we will commit to the achievement of growth and success with our business partners, shareholders and individuals.”
  • “With diligent dedication to excellence, we will identify challenges, create solutions and develop continuous improvements.”


Mitsui & Co. (USA)

Mitsui & Co. (Japan)

Company Information

Parent Company: MBK USA Holdings Inc.

Corporate Office: Dallas, Texas

Founded: 1992

President & CEO: Mr. Makoto Igarashi

Primary Services:

  • Demand chain management (DCM) service provider
  • Third party upstream logistics provider and product consolidator
  • Operator of fresh daily-to-store combined distribution centers

Company History:

1992 - Bussan Logistics Inc. was established as a strategic U.S. based subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Ltd. to operate and manage specialized fresh daily-to-store combined distribution centers in the U.S. for 7-Eleven, Inc. Bussan Logistic’s parent company, Mitsui & Co. Ltd. is a long-time global alliance partner of 7-Eleven, Inc.’s parent company, 7 & I Holdings of Tokyo, Japan. Mitsui & Co. Ltd. was able to leverage its significant experience in successfully operating similar fresh daily-to-store distribution centers for 7-Eleven stores in Japan. In order to highlight the connection to its parent company, Bussan Logistics, Inc. later changed its name to Mitsui Bussan Logistics, Inc. (MBLI).

1995 - A separate company, Mitsui Supply Systems, Inc. (“MSSI”), was created to provide customized demand chain management services exclusively to 7-Eleven, Inc. stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Initially, MSSI handled only food packaging and supply item fulfillment and distribution, but eventually expanded its DCM services to cover a much broader range of products using more sophisticated DCM management tools and methods.

2000 – MSSI was merged into MBLI in order to capitalize on synergies and reduce the operating costs of both companies.

2012 & Beyond – MBLI embarks upon a strategic objective to expand its cost reducing DCM and logistics service offerings to a broader range of retailers and wholesale distributors.

About MBLI's Demand Chain

Management Service (DCM)

What is DCM?

Retailers continue to assign increasing importance to achieving strong in-stock performance, low levels of inventory, and decreased risk of inventory obsolescence while simultaneously offering expanded and unique product offerings. Compounding the challenges presented by these retail objectives, product supply chains have grown in complexity and also in their sensitivity to customer and product trends, with many retailers placing stronger emphasis on the importance of their own higher margin proprietary and private label product offerings. Such a merchandising strategy results in higher exposure to out-of-stocks, obsolete inventory, and increased logistics expenses. Nevertheless, new, different, and unique remain the primary merchandising goals of most convenience retailers today.

    Through its partnerships with convenience store operators and foodservice wholesale distributors, Mitsui Bussan Logistics, Inc. (MBLI) has developed and refined the methods, systems, and business processes utilized to help product supply chains gain flexibility and responsiveness, while improving performance in key supply chain metrics, and lowering costs. Ultimately, MBLI seeks to provide convenience retailers and their upstream partners with concurrent improvements in:

    • Wholesale and retail in-stock %
    • Upstream logistics expenses
    • Overall inventory levels
    • Inventory obsolescence rates

    Refer to the illustration below for a depiction of MBLI’s demand chain service objective.

    DCM Target

    How Does MBLI Deliver Its DCM Service?

    From its operations center in Dallas, Texas MSSI micro-manages and regulates the flow of products originating from both domestic and off-shore sources and through a network of unique distribution channels. MSSI uses customized software and proprietary business methods along with VMI and EDI based connectivity to enable effective DCM. Facilitating logistics savings and efficiency, MSSI operates several strategically located “Transfer Centers,” which are used to provide efficient truckload consolidation of products for which direct-to-distributor shipments are not cost-effective. Transfer Centers also serve as rapid replenishment points to quickly respond to the inevitable volatility of customer demand. These multi-purpose Transfer Centers play an important role in delivering MSSI’s cost saving DCM service.

    Specifically, MBLI’s DCM service encompasses the following activities:

    • Item level forecast and production collaboration, including lifecycle planning
    • Order planning and inventory replenishment (both VMI /EDI and other methods)
    • Daily micro-management of inventory positions and movements
    • Efficient utilization of Transfer Centers for the recombination of inbound and outbound truckloads
    • Robust item registration verification protocols
    • Tactical management of supplier relationships
    • Detailed tracking and reporting of excess and slow moving inventory
    • Upstream transportation and logistics coordination, including reverse movements as requested
    • Delivery coordination, monitoring, and proactive trouble-shooting
    • Transaction verification and settlement among partners
    • Proactively communicating critical product and promotional dependencies and issues


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Dallas Office

Location: 1707 Market Place Blvd, Suite 330, Irving, TX 75063
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